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Porter Before and AfterIn 1997 Porter Freeman was doing all the wrong things relating to good health, and it showed. He was weighing 264 pounds with nearly 30% bodyfat and dangerously high blood pressure. He was living the "good life"- managing a successful chain of night clubs, always sharply dressed, enjoying all his favorite foods, while sometimes celebrating with an extra drink or two. There seemed to be no desire to take firm control of his failing health, but then "it" happened.

An article by Bill Phillips featured in Muscle Media Magazine invited everyone in America to accept his unique 12 week Physique Transformation Challenge. Not only could you take total control of your life and health, but along the way you could win $50,000 and a new Lamborghini Diablo. It was as if Porter Freeman had just received a very personal invitation.

Porter accepted that challenge, and devoted himself to completely changing his lifestyle (and his life) during those 12 weeks. He shed over 50 pounds of heart-clogging fat and added nearly 10 pounds of muscle to his 47 year old body. His inspirational story has been read and seen by hundreds of thousands around the world, chronicled in the first chapter of the best-selling book "Body-for-LIFE" and featured in the dynamic film production BODY-of-WORK.

Porter left behind those old habits and that former career. He would eventually become the International Director of the world-wide Body-for-LIFE Challenge and currently travels the world giving hope, offering encouragement, and extending a helping hand to anyone who wants to improve upon their health. He is also active in several charities and is proud to serve as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Colorado. He still pursues a fit and healthy lifestyle, now some 10 years later. To hear Porter tell it, " Anyone can do this, and probably do better than I did. You just have to want it!"

I don't really know if you can do any better than he did, but what I do know is that we can all improve. The book "Body-for-LIFE " is one good place to find out how to "do it" and Porter's book, "Finally Fit at 50" is a great place to find out why you must do it. If you're being honest, you already know you need to do it.

Like the truth, Porter's story never changes. Like the truth, his story never gets old. I have had the priviledge of hearing him speak at churches, in sales meetings, at health seminars and various conventions. Each time he speaks, people leave the auditorium inspired, anxious and ready to take real control of their health and their lives.

It is incredibly thrillling and rewarding to be a part of this amazing story.  It is an even bigger thrill to call Porter my friend.

Eric Shrieves
Eric Shrieves, Finally Fit