From The March 2002 Issue Of Muscle Media...

Dear _____________,

   Last year was a very difficult time for all of us.  We had some good days, but the bad days took a huge toll on all our tomorrows.

   Something I learned from the year 2001 was how precious life is.  When it's gone, it's gone forever.  That's it.  There are no second chances.  The only second chance we get is while we are alive - you and I are still alive.  I have a proposition for you, so please read it carefully.

   Let's stop wasting time because we simply do not know how much time we have left.  We are sure of this:  Our life's candles can blow out in an istant, no heads up, no warning, no nothing.  I don't want us to be unhealthy anymore.  I don't want us to miss out on another thing that we could be doing, and we could be doing a lot more if we were healthy.

   We must change a few of our habits.  Nothing we are eating or drinking is worth dying for, and sitting on the couch for an endless number of hours is like already being dead.

   Here's the deal:  Let's start exercising.  There are a lot of good exercise programs and workout facilities available.  Let's take the clothes off the exercise equipment we have and start using the equipment for what it was designed for.  Let's start making healthier choices in our food, and let's think about our future.

   Speaking of our future, this would be a good time for me to tell you I'm going to need you for a long, long time.  The family will need you for a long, long time.  I want us to be healthy and grow old together.  I don't want to finish this life without you.  Sometimes I am weak, and I will need you to help me get better.  I will help you, I promise.  Let's do it together.  I want us to start now, today, this minute.

   We rehearsed the being unhealthy and unfit for years.  Now, lets practice being healthy for what's left of this show.

I love you,


By Porter FreemanDear Neighbor,
    Cut along the dotted line.  Fill out a name at the top and sign your name at the bottom.  Tape this note to the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror or the ceiling in the bedroom.  No, wait a minute!  I've got a better idea.  Cut it out, frame it and set it on top of the television.


      G. Porter Freeman
      "Since 1949"